50-Pin Internal SCSI Cables


For SCSI-1, SCSI-2, Fast-20 and 8-bit (narrow) SCSI


Connector Styles

  • CE5050-pin Card-Edge (CE50)
  • D50SDB50 Female (D50S)
  • M5050-pin Maleplug (M50)
  • C50Female Centronics (C50)
  • F5050-pin 2-row Female (F50)
  • MDAHD50 Female w/Adapter PCB (MDA)
  • MDHD50 Female Discrete-wired (MD)
Grey PVC
108 Ohm
112 Ohm
Slit PVC
(2.5″ spacing)
105 Ohm
Loose Pair
8″ Spacing
115 Ohm
Ultra SCSI
100 Ohm

To Order: Create cable order number according to your specifications, then contact us.


Example: 26″ 3-drive Centronics ends, standard ribbon cable


cables-mesh-sleeving *To have protected mesh sleeving or heat-shrinking tubing added, please inform your sales representative
Connector Style Length Cable Style Mounting Plates
CE50 = 50-pin Card Edge
D50S = Female DB50
M50 = 50-pin Male Plug
C50 = Centronics Female
F50 = 50-pin 2-row Female
MDA = HD50 Female (w/Adapter PCB)
MD = HD50 Female (Discrete wired)
Length in inches between drive
connectors and connector designation.

* – Indicated connector is “DOWN”

** For dimensions other than inches, please specify

(00) = Grey P/C
(10) = Color Coded
(11) = Slit Grey (2 1/2″ Spacing)
(13) = Twist-N-Fl
at (8″ Spacing)
(14) = Teflon
Use part numbers listed below
Mounting Plates
Mounting plates are available to enable you to install internal cables into enclosures with either Centronics or DB50 cut-outs, or into PC style enclosures. To order internal cables with plates installed, add the following suffix at the end of the cable order number:
-(1002) HD50 into Centronics or DB50
-(1003) – “Off-set” HD
50 into Centronics
-(1006) – HD50 into PC
-(1005) – Centronics into PC
Flat Ribbon Cable Toroids
To further enhance the EMI/RFI properties of your internal SCSI cables, ribbon cable toroids are available.

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