VHDCI .8mm 68-pin SCSI Cables (SCSI-5)

VHDCI .8mm Cables
Molex .8mm VHDCI “Stackable” .8mm VHDCI




VHDCI .8mm cables – IN STOCK!!

Custom Lengths Available 


We are STILL supporting/offering ULTRA 320 LVD External Shielded Cables, made with TE Madison “Universal” LVD/SCSI cable – Madison p/n 68KBKLF045 – and Molex VHDCI .8mm male connector ends.

These cables are compatible w/ Ultra-320 SCSI RAID controllers, disk drives, storage arrays and host bus adapters with 320mb/s rates.

Our VHDCI .8mm cables are manufactured with MOLEX connectors and metal shells:

VHDCI .8mm Connectors – Molex p/n 71425-3001

VHDCI .8mm Metal Shells – Molex p/n 73796-3001

*These are the ‘stackable’ shells

….And are built w/Madison TE 34-pair shielded cable part no. 68KBKLF045

We can also provide these VHDCI .8mm cables in ‘Hybrid’ configurations – with most any other 68-pin SCSI or 50-pin SCSI connector on one end.

Such as:

HD68 – molded or metal shells …. Right-Angle or Straight

see here: https://cs-electronics.com/68-pin-external-scsi-cables/

or – 50-pin connectors in a wide variety

see here: https://cs-electronics/50-pin-cables/


CS Electronics also offers a variety of VHDCI .8mm Adapters to complete your installation.

see here: https://cs-electronics.com/vhdci-scsi-3-adapt/


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