Cable Kit for 2.5″ PCIe NVMe SSD Drives

PCIe-Adapter-with-cable          PCIe-Adapter-Back          PCIe Adapter


Cable Kit for 2.5″ PCIe NVMe SSD Drives

For 2.5″ PCIe x4 3.0 (Gen3) Solid State Drives

Kit includes PCIe Adapter Board w/ SFF-8639 (U.2) connection to drive, and a 12G-rated HD SAS-style Cable to connect to PCIe Host or Mother Board

*Requires Host or Mother Board w/  SFF-8643 Connection that supports PCI Express

*Data Connection: 12G High-Density SFF-8643 SAS connection to Host
* Power input: Standard 4-pin (5v-GND-GND-12v) *3.3v is provided by our pcb
*LED’s: LED’s provided for Drive Activity (Green), and separate LED’s for 3.3v (Orange), 5v (Red), and 12v (Yellow)
*Mounting holes for mounting in drive enclosure or custom hardware

PCIe NVMe Solid State Drive Mfr’s
For drives from HGST, Intel, Seagate, OCZ, Samsung, Sandisk, Diablo,
Intel 750 series 2.5″ SSD SSDPE2MW400G4R5 (400gb) and SSDPE2MW012T4R5 (1.2tb)

Mother Board Mfr’s
Super Micro – AOC-SLG3-2E4
ASUS Z97 & X99 (w/ ASUS Hyper Kit expansion card)


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