CX4 Cables

CX4 10 Gigabit Ethernet Cables SFF-8470
The SFF-8470 is a robust die-cast connector that is used in the manufacture of CX4 spec (10GBASE-CX4). CX4 High Performance Cable Assemblies, part of the 10Gb Ethernet standard, provide superior signal fidelity over long distances using the smallest, most flexible cable
Also known as IEEE 802.3ak, CX4 supports 10-Gigabit Ethernet data transfer over 4-lanes of copper cabling in each direction (8-lanes total).
For CX4 applications, the typical length limitation is 15m. However, with ‘active’ signal boosters, lengths beyond 15m are possible.

The SFF-8470 connector is a very robust connector, utilizing a die-cast outer shell, assembled with premium Madison 8 pair 100 ohm cable and is available in 3 ‘attachment’ styles:
● ‘Pull-Latch’
● ‘Squeeze-Latch’
● ‘Thumbscrew’

CX4 cable assemblies are tested to a higher test standard than are InfiniBand Cables.
Therefore, CX4 cables are backwards compatible to Infinband Cables, but Infiniband Cables do not necessarily meet CX4 test standards.

CS Electronics has incorporated 12G HD Mini-SAS connectors, SFF-8644 (External), SFF-8643 (Internal) & the newly re-designed 12Gb/s rated drive connector, SFF-8680, into both 12G HD Mini-SAS Cables and on 12G HD Mini-SAS I/O & Drive adapters. We also have an extensive line of ‘hybrid’ cables utilizing SAS, Mini-SAS, and 12G HD Mini-SAS connectors such as SFF-8644, SFF-8643, SFF-8088, SFF-8087, SFF-8470 in most any connector configuration and length option.

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