PCIe Cables

PCI Express (PCIe) Cables–Gen1, Gen 2, & Gen 3 in X1, X4, X8, X16

CS Electronics’ PCIe cables support Gen 1 ,Gen 2, and Gen 3 (8.0 Gbps) protocols, utilizing the highest quality workmanship to ensure maximum data throughput. The Zinc Alloy connectors are ruggedized with a retractor allowing the connector to be locked into place.

Product Features:
● Cables available in lengths up to 7m.
● Meets PCI-SIG PCI Express Cable Specification
● PCIe X1, X4, X8, X16 Come with signal and sideband lanes.
● Supports 10/12 Gb/s Full-duplex transfer rates

CS Electronics has incorporated 12G HD Mini-SAS connectors, SFF-8644 (External), SFF-8643 (Internal) & the newly re-designed 12Gb/s rated drive connector, SFF-8680, into both 12G HD Mini-SAS Cables and on 12G HD Mini-SAS I/O & Drive adapters. We also have an extensive line of ‘hybrid’ cables utilizing SAS, Mini-SAS, and 12G HD Mini-SAS connectors such as SFF-8644, SFF-8643, SFF-8088, SFF-8087, SFF-8470 in most any connector configuration and length option.

Please see the links below for more info:
Connector Info:
SFF-8644 | SFF-8643 | SFF-8680 | SFF-8639 | SFF-8088 | SFF-8087 | SFF-8482 | SFF-8484 | SFF-8431 | SFF-8436 | SFF-8470

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