SAS Analyzer test cables

SAS Dual-Drive Cable Set

SAS Dual-Drive Cable Set

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1mDriveB-2593Mini-SAS Dual-Drive Cable$ 152.00
1mBackplaneB-2592Mini-SAS Dual Backplane Cable w/ Stiffener$ 236.00
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Part#’s B-2592 / B-2593

SAS Drive Analyzer Cables

We offer the SAS Analyzer test cables in (2) styles: Single-Drive and Dual-Drive configs.
Both styles have the SFF-8088 ‘Mini-SAS’ connector on the Xgig end, and either the Drive connector or the Backplane* (Host) connector on the other end. Both cable assemblies have 5v/12v power cords to supply power to the Drive directly from the Host. Available in 1m length only.

*a ‘stiffener’ is built into the Backplane cable to facilitate easy insertion of the Backplane connector into the Host enclosure.

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