SATA Cables & Adapters

CS Electronics offers a wide array of products for SATA drive systems.

We offer a variety of SATA Cables, using primarily the 7-pin SATA data interface, in both straight and right-angle versions, and many length options.

We also offer our proprietary designed SATA drive T-Card adapters in 2 sizes. Both are capable of either single-drive bench testing, or to be incorporated into SATA drive subsystems.

The SATA system, referenced in the 6Gb/s SATA 3.0 & 3Gb/s SATA 2.0 standard, meets SATA Next Generation speed requirements. The SATA interface is now doubling Data-Rates from 3Gb/s up to 6Gb/s data rates, as compared to the previous version of SATA.

Typical applications would be a SAS/SATA link between a SAS/SATA HBA to a SATA drive subsystem or storage array.

CS Electronics has incorporated these 6Gb/s & 3Gb/s SATA connectors both in cable assemblies and on I/O & Drive adapters.

Please see the links below for more info:
Connector Info:
SFF-8644 | SFF-8643 | SFF-8680 | SFF-8639 | SFF-8088 | SFF-8087 | SFF-8482 | SFF-8484 | SFF-8431 | SFF-8436 | SFF-8470

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