Mini-SAS Cables – SFF-8643 , SFF-8087 , SFF-8088


Mini-SAS Cables

CS Electronics STOCKS a wide variety of Mini-SAS Cables in varying cable lengths and connector configurations.

The primary connectors for interfacing Mini-SAS cables are the 26-pin SFF-8088 (External), and the 36-pin SFF-8087 (Internal) connectors which both support up to 4-ports (4 lanes) of SAS data, but we also STOCK these cables w/ other connectors such as the SFF-8470, SFF-8482, 7-pin SATA, SFF-8484, and eSATA. Many lengths and hybrid configurations are available from STOCK.

CS Electronics has incorporated these connectors both in cable assemblies and on I/O & Drive T-Card adapters.
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For 12G rated SAS cables, see here: 12G HD Mini-SAS Cables

For 12G rated SAS adapters, see here: 12G HD Mini-SAS Adapters

Please see the links below for more info:
Connector Info:
SFF-8644 | SFF-8643 | SFF-8680 | SFF-8639 | SFF-8088 | SFF-8087 | SFF-8482 | SFF-8484 | SFF-8431 | SFF-8436 | SFF-8470

Mini SAS Cross Reference Chart

CSE Part#
Adaptec Part #
iSAS-8870-U/1m 2231100-R SFF -8088 to SFF-8470 1 meter
iSAS-8870-U/2m 2231200-R SFF -8088 to SFF-8470 2 meter
iSAS-8888-U/1m 2231400-R SFF -8088 to SFF-8088 1 meter
iSAS-8888-U/2m 2231500-R SFF -8088 to SFF-8088 2 meter
iSAS-7373-HT/.5m 2246800-R SFF -8087 to SFF-8087 .5 meter
iSAS-737P/.5m 2236600-R SFF -8087 to (4) SATA .5 meter no sideband Controller to SATA disc/backplane
iSAS-737P/1m 2236700-R SFF -8087 to (4) SATA 1 meter no sideband
iSAS-7384/.5m 2231700-R SFF -8087 to SFF -8484 .5 meter
iSAS-7384/1m 2231800-R SFF -8087 to SFF -8484 1 meter

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